Bee School

Bee school 2024 in-person started on January 16th! 

Community Events

DCBA representatives are happy to come talk about bees at your schoo and community events.  Please fill out our Education Request form and tell us about the time, place and audience and we will connect you with our DCBA volunteers!


The DCBA Mentor program is a group-based program. Groups are organized by location and consist of 1 group leader and at least one experienced beekeeper.

The program is free to all DCBA members with one caveat. We ask that all mentees remain in the program for an additional year after their first year.

The idea of the program is to create a community of knowledgeable beekeepers sharing information (and sometimes a hand) with each other. 


If you are interested in mentorship, please fill out the Looking for Mentorship Google form.
After filling out the form you will be contacted by your group’s organizer.


If you are interested in being a mentor or group leader, please fill out the Willing to help lead Google form.